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NEW PRODUCT: My Book Of Questions Christmas Edition

Introducing: “My Book Of Questions – Christmas Edition”.

A wonderful book filled with 200 questions, all about Christmas. Yes, this book of questions is dedicated to the holiday season. *PICKLES* hopes you enjoy it as much as you enjoy this holiday season.





Introducing: La Vie en Rose – The Collection

Do you adore pink?  Then La Vie en Rose – The Collection,

is for you.

The La Vie en Rose Collection consists of 5 products. This collection was designed especially for pink lovers. For the person in you, who loves to live life in the pink!

Billions of texture combinations. Endless possibilities.

*Save over $400L by purchasing the entire collection.

The La Vie en Rose Collection includes:

Lounger, Rug, Lamp, Book of Questions, Floor Pillows

Think pink.

To purchase the La Vie en Rose Collection click here

NEW PRODUCT: The La Vie en Rose edition of “My Book Of Questions”

From the La Vie en Rose Collection.

Created to inspire, inquire, and awe. My Book Of Questions has no winners or losers. This product was created to entertain, to promote friendships, getting to know people better, and fun.

Rez the book on a table or floor and touch for funny, insightful, and intriguing questions that are sure to help you learn more about your friends and acquaintances.

Designed especially to pair with The La Vie en Rose Collection, in shades of pink.

Buy the La Vie en Rose edition of My Book of Questions by clicking here

My Big Book Of Trivia

*PICKLES* Excellent new trivia game.  Fun, yet functional!

I love playing games with my friends, especially if it stimulates the brain.  Come on try it, everyone is doing it!

Touch the books and get a sweet trivia question.  Type your answers in local chat, and win nothing but the satisfaction that you are a smart cookie!

This game/book comes in 2 sizes, and 2 versions.  Owner gets answer version and no answer version.

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