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NEW RELEASE: Love Collection. (and it’s free!)

Another free gift from *PICKLES* just for you!

Yes, we’re giving love away. You deserve all the love in the world. Pass it on, tell your friends, spread some love around.

Our previous Love collection was so popular, we made a few adjustments, and have made available for our wonderful *PICKLES* customers,the entire collection. All 6 pieces of furniture, for free!  Sofa, Loveseat, Chaise, Chair & Ottoman, Chair, Ottoman.  Each piece packs more versatility into it than you can ever imagine.  Every pose adjustable, every single prim is changeable.  You create your own look minute by minute or day by day, to suit you and your decorating needs.

To purchase, and to view more pictures and descriptions please visit


Keep on loving!


NEW RELEASE: The Vista Collection

Yes, another new release!  The Vista Collection.  Summer is here, and it shows in this beautifully handcrafted collection.  Wrapped in wonderful summery tones of crisp linen. This collection is absolutely gorgeous.  22 textures in the furniture, 30 textures in the pillows, (and there are many), and 12 textures in the legs.  This is quite possibly the last furniture collection you’ll ever need.  I wouldn’t suggest it, because *PICKLES* has so much to offer.

Here’s a sample of the New Vista Collection.


Visit The *PICKLES* Marketplace Store

to view more information and pictures of The Vista Collection.


NEW RELEASE: The Passport Collection.

*PICKLES* has a brand new collection just for you.  And, just in time for summer.  Introducing The Passport Collection.  Think tiki, think tropical, think outdoors.  Hot summer days and warm summer nights.  Think, every single prim changes textures.  Think, you just laid your eyes on more furniture possibilities than you have ever imagined in SL.

Come to the *PICKLES* Marketplace store and see all the new products we have released.


My Book Of Questions

For many years I have enjoyed getting together with friends and family and using “The Book Of If” series to ask questions that get conversations going.   I thought it would be nice to have the same type of game to use in Second Life to share with friends and acquaintances to facilitate conversations and inspiration.

I’m proud to offer “My Book Of Questions”   A cute little stack of books that you touch to get questions in local chat.  It comes in 2 sizes for your decor needs.  Enjoy.

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