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*PICKLES* @ Bitch Tail SIMPLY ME Fashion Fair July 6th – 16th

*PICKLES* is proud to be a part of Bitch Tail’s SIMPLY ME (Something For Everyone) Fashion Fair this year. *PICKLES* has 2 new releases for SIMPLY ME, too!

I hope to see my *PICKLES* lovers there.




The Halloweenie Collection. Spooky, New, Free!

BOO!!  It’s that time of the year, my sweet pickles!

*PICKLES* has created a new Halloween collection for your home.

The Halloweenie Collection.  


I had fun with this collection, some borrowed items, new textures, and voila!  It’s been tested well already at The Voice Geek Cyber Lounge.  Everyone approved. Now it’s time to share it with you.  Gather your friends, and scare the pants off each other with your spooky scary tales.   It’s definitely fall here in the north woods, but I hope you feel toasty warm and cozy with this new collection.   Please enjoy your Halloween season, and for goodness sake, check your candy before eating it! 😉

Ghastly Hugs,


On a side note:  I’ve decided to try to wear a new costume every day for the month of October, want to join me?  I should have thought of this sooner, but I will try to take a pic daily and post it somewhere.  I have so many costumes, and it seemed the right time to pull them out of the closet, and get some real use of my inventory!

NEW RELEASE: Love Collection. (and it’s free!)

Another free gift from *PICKLES* just for you!

Yes, we’re giving love away. You deserve all the love in the world. Pass it on, tell your friends, spread some love around.

Our previous Love collection was so popular, we made a few adjustments, and have made available for our wonderful *PICKLES* customers,the entire collection. All 6 pieces of furniture, for free!  Sofa, Loveseat, Chaise, Chair & Ottoman, Chair, Ottoman.  Each piece packs more versatility into it than you can ever imagine.  Every pose adjustable, every single prim is changeable.  You create your own look minute by minute or day by day, to suit you and your decorating needs.

To purchase, and to view more pictures and descriptions please visit


Keep on loving!


The Clover Collection – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We are definitely wearing  green at *PICKLES* these days.  We are happy to introduce yet another gift to our wonderful customers and friends.  The Clover Collection is a 4 piece collection consisting of a posed chair, posed floor pillows, a rug and a lamp.  You’ll recognize the design, but the textures are different.   Since St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish are so important to me, I wanted to give a lucky gift of green to everyone.  If you love green, this is a must have in your home.

What do they call a person who is obsessed with Ireland and the Irish people?  Maybe, crazy. LOL  Some say it’s still an Anglophile,  or maybe it’s an Irishophile.  I’ve heard the term Celtophile too.  No matter, I’m nutty for all things Irish, and I’m told that I have not a drop of Irish blood in me, but you can’t convince me of that!

Enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day.  Celebrate.  Spring is on the way.  The Clover Collection will be a great addition, this year and beyond in your Second Life.



“Stunning Designer” We’ve been blogged!

*PICKLES* is proud to announce we have been blogged again most graciously by Moonletters.

Moonletters Blog

Such nice things were said about *PICKLES* and our products.  Thank you very much to Madame1111, and Moonletters editor Shauna Skye for blogging about *PICKLES*  Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection.

Valentine’s Day at *PICKLES*

Happy Valentine’s Day *PICKLES* people!



It’s getting closer.  February 14th is not that far away.  It’s not too soon to start thinking of what you want to give your love this year for that special day.

*PICKLES* Is  proud to announce a new couples cuddle loveseat.  Wait until  you see all it can do.  And because I feel the love so much, it’s free!  No poseballs, 12 couples cuddles, 12 single sits, and 30 textures all in the shades of love.  Get your Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection today!

Whether you want to decorate your home to celebrate the holiday, or get a special gift for your love, *PICKLES* has some very sweet products just released to Marketplace for you.

As always you’ll find a few items that cost nothing, but your time to go to Marketplace and receive.

I made a few companion pieces to my special “Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection” that are matched perfectly as a set.  Spend the few extra dollars, and make your Love Collection, very complete.

Here are 2 examples of the extra pieces added to the free Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection.



Thank you, and have a wonderfully sweet Valentine’s Day

Santanna Surya

*PICKLES* girl

Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection

Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection consists of 4 products. (Loveseat, Rug, Lamp, Floor Pillows) This collection was designed especially for all *PICKLES* Customers and friends as our Valentine’s Day gift to you.

Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection

Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection Loveseat is a sweet comfy loveseat to snuggle up in, rest, relax, and enjoy. Rez your loveseat wherever you choose, and sit, alone, or with a friend. There are 36 total fully adjustable relaxing poses included, (12 single poses on each cushion (M, F, & Uni, and 12 couples cuddles poses, perfect for Valentine’s Day) Many of the couples poses can also be used as single sits/lays. NO POSEBALLS are used in the seating. The Posestar posing system developed by Mazz Allen has been graciously given to *PICKLES* to use in our products. Your loveseat in so many shades of reds and pinks will help you celebrate and enjoy your Valentine’s Day. (Loveseat = 30 Textures, Chair Legs=10 Textures, 8 Pillows =12 Textures Each)

Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection Floor Pillows are a sweet pile of pillows to place on your floor, or existing furniture, to rest, relax, and enjoy. Position it on floor or wherever you choose, and sit. There are 12 fully adjustable restful poses included, in coordinating textures to match The Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection. (4 Pillows= 30 Textures each pillow)

Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection Rug is a beautiful texture changing rug with 30 textures in beautiful pinks and reds. Designed exclusively to compliment every piece in The Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection, you’ll be toasty warm on this Valentine rug. Modifiable, so you can resize rug to your liking. (Rug= 30 Textures)

Love: The Valentine’s Day Collection Lamp is a beautiful texture changing floor lamp with 10 textures in the base, and 25 textures in the lampshade, offering countless possibilities for your Valentine’s Day enjoyment. The lamp is also fully functional. Touch the light bulb to turn on or off. (Lampshade=25 Textures, Pole/Base=10 Textures)