BOO!!  It’s that time of the year, my sweet pickles!

*PICKLES* has created a new Halloween collection for your home.

The Halloweenie Collection.  


I had fun with this collection, some borrowed items, new textures, and voila!  It’s been tested well already at The Voice Geek Cyber Lounge.  Everyone approved. Now it’s time to share it with you.  Gather your friends, and scare the pants off each other with your spooky scary tales.   It’s definitely fall here in the north woods, but I hope you feel toasty warm and cozy with this new collection.   Please enjoy your Halloween season, and for goodness sake, check your candy before eating it! 😉

Ghastly Hugs,


On a side note:  I’ve decided to try to wear a new costume every day for the month of October, want to join me?  I should have thought of this sooner, but I will try to take a pic daily and post it somewhere.  I have so many costumes, and it seemed the right time to pull them out of the closet, and get some real use of my inventory!