We are definitely wearing  green at *PICKLES* these days.  We are happy to introduce yet another gift to our wonderful customers and friends.  The Clover Collection is a 4 piece collection consisting of a posed chair, posed floor pillows, a rug and a lamp.  You’ll recognize the design, but the textures are different.   Since St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish are so important to me, I wanted to give a lucky gift of green to everyone.  If you love green, this is a must have in your home.

What do they call a person who is obsessed with Ireland and the Irish people?  Maybe, crazy. LOL  Some say it’s still an Anglophile,  or maybe it’s an Irishophile.  I’ve heard the term Celtophile too.  No matter, I’m nutty for all things Irish, and I’m told that I have not a drop of Irish blood in me, but you can’t convince me of that!

Enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day.  Celebrate.  Spring is on the way.  The Clover Collection will be a great addition, this year and beyond in your Second Life.