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A Free Treat For You Trickers!

Halloween icon

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As promised, I have your totally free Halloween gift for you!

Visit my Second Life Marketplace store to get your own:





Wishing you all a very Happy Halloweenie!  Save some smarties for me. 🙂

Santanna – Head Pickle


That’s right, the time is upon us for spookies, goblins, and ghosties!  Not to mention those pesky neck biters and howling scaries.

I wanted to extend my Halloween generosity of happiness in the beginning of what I feel is the best time of the year.  From now until Valentine’s Day, I’m a pretty happy celebratory girl.

I’m working hard on putting together a special treat for you trickers. Stay tuned for your free gift from *PICKLES*

In the meanwhile, I made a nice Halloween picture for you to admire.  It’s Santanna, feeling Halloween-like. 🙂

My Big Book Of Trivia

*PICKLES* Excellent new trivia game.  Fun, yet functional!

I love playing games with my friends, especially if it stimulates the brain.  Come on try it, everyone is doing it!

Touch the books and get a sweet trivia question.  Type your answers in local chat, and win nothing but the satisfaction that you are a smart cookie!

This game/book comes in 2 sizes, and 2 versions.  Owner gets answer version and no answer version.

*PICKLES* Marketplace Store

My Book Of Questions

For many years I have enjoyed getting together with friends and family and using “The Book Of If” series to ask questions that get conversations going.   I thought it would be nice to have the same type of game to use in Second Life to share with friends and acquaintances to facilitate conversations and inspiration.

I’m proud to offer “My Book Of Questions”   A cute little stack of books that you touch to get questions in local chat.  It comes in 2 sizes for your decor needs.  Enjoy.

*PICKLES* Marketplace Store

*PICKLES* joins The Marketplace

OK, so we only have 4 items for sale, but it’s a start.  It’s all under construction.  Let me share the URL so you can get there.  I’ll make another post with my 2 latest offerings.  Happy shopping!

*PICKLES* Marketplace Store

Dia de los Muertos + Swanx = HOT HOT HOT

Day of the Dead

Image by Lady/Bird via Flickr

This is so totally not SL related or furniture related, but it’s Santanna related.  Santanna loves fun bright colors, and hand painted anything.

Check these cool clogs out.  I want the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ Swanx, and then…I want to get a custom painted pair. Pink, with pickles all over!!!  I have to get *PICKLES* open, so I can get these shoes!  Then I will try to recreate them in SL.  Virtual Swanx, yes!

The Swanx



Let me introduce myself.  I’m Santanna Surya.  Owner of *PICKLES*.  My brand spankin’ new store in Second Life.  I am a  digital content creator,  pickle lover, and overall kooky girl.  I’m a seasoned SL’er, and a young budding builder.  I love learning, creating, and exploring.  My goal is to provide you with fun, interactive, community and friendship building furnishings for your virtual home.  Another goal is to put my products in every SL home.  What can I say?  I dream big!

It’s Alive! Pickles is alive, and it’s very heart is beating in my hand. Give it a bit more pickle juice! We’re creating a delightful monster!


Home furnishings, interactive fun and games. Fancies to adorn and decorate your environment. It’s everything adorable, for adorable you.

Check back for more information on the grand opening of my little *PICKLES* store.  Much more fun to come.

PICKLES is a sister store to *ESO* owned by Mazz Allen and Santanna Surya.


If anyone has a “Whip My Hair” Animation/Gesture…please, contact me.  I want one with the music. 🙂  I’m so hooked on this video and song.  Yes, I identify with a 9 year old.  LOL